Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.qbazaar.gr.

What data we collect and why we collect it

We will always protect your data, keeping it safe. To help you understand why we need them, below you will find how we use them.

We record data only to improve your experience.
We protect your data as if it were ours.
You choose what you want to receive – and if you regret it, you tell us and we stop.
We never ask for sensitive personal data.

How we use your information

Your name and contact details so we can deliver your purchases. To send you messages regarding your transactions with us via SMS, Viber, email or by phone. To send you information via email, SMS, Viber about our new offers or products. To detect and rule out possible cases of fraud. To show you ads on the rest of the internet. To understand what you and our other customers like.

Your payment information (this means eg your credit card information – do not worry, it is 100% secure and encrypted) so that we can get paid and make refunds. To detect and rule out possible cases of fraud.

Your contact history with us (concerning what you have told us via email or social media) to provide customer service and support. To train our staff so that when you get in touch with us, you have the best possible experience.

The order history and your cart (what you bought and what you have stored in your cart for some other time) to sell you products! To provide you with customer service and support, as well as to handle any returns. To find out what you like, but also to the rest of our customers.

Information about your phone or computer, and how you use our page (is the information you give us when you are on our page, including your IP address and device type). To improve our page for you. To protect our page from possible sources of fraud and especially to be able to ensure 100% security of your personal and personal data.